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Useful Word / Phrase: Up in the air

Things aren't clear!

Word / phrase: Up in the air

What does it mean? This phrase is used to say things are uncertain or unclear.

Is it positive or negative? It’s negative as we don’t know what will happen and we would like to know.

When do you use it? You use it to tell others that a situation or something is unclear or undecided and we don’t know when we will get the information to make things clear.

Example 1: When are we going camping? It’s up in the air at the moment. I hope we’ll know more next week.
Example 2: His visa situation is up in the air, but I really hope everything is OK.
Example 3: Right now, I can’t tell you because everything is up in the air I can’t even guess.

Question: Is there any situation in your life that is up in the air at the moment?

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