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Useful Word / Phrase: Can't be assed/arsed

The common informal phrase used in the UK to show you just don't want to do something, even if you have to

Word / phrase: Can't be assed/arsed

What does it mean? This is a common phrase used in the UK which means you don’t want to do something or you are not interested in doing something.   

Is it positive or negative? This phrase always carries a negative meaning.

When do you use it? It’s used when you have no desire to do something, but usually have to do it. It’s also used to respond to suggestions made that you’re not really interested in.

Example 1:I have to get some bread, but I can’t be assed. I might just wait until tomorrow.
Example 2:I want to go to an English speaking club, but I can’t be arsed speaking about the same topics every week.
Example 3: Why don’t we get a pizza from Domino’s? I can’t be assed to walk all the way down there.

Question:Do you have an informal phrase like can’t be assed/arsed in your language?

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